Patch is a restorative drink mix formulated to support the mental well-being of gamers, creators, and anyone else navigating today's digital worlds._
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Hi, I’m Adrienne Driggs
  • Extremely enthusiastic casual gamer
  • Favorite Game: Horizon Zero Dawn series
  • Avg. Gaming Hours/Day: 6

Why Patch?

  • Calm inflammation
  • Support mental well-being
  • Replenish nutrient deficiencies

> For the times when digital worlds strain our mental and physical well-being, enter Patch—a drink mix formulated to help restore your body’s natural state of balance._

Lemon Ginger
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> What Healthy Gaming Means to Me_
>Gaming helps me shake off the stresses and anxieties of everyday life. Once my stream begins and the game launches, I’m truly able to decompress and connect with my community. There’s nothing I enjoy more than bringing positive vibes to my streams, vibes that invite others to unwind and shake off their own stress..._

>Nutrition is key to nourishing these positive vibes. I don’t need sugar or caffeine when I’m chilling with friends online. With the right nutrition I can maintain a healthy sense of balance and connect to the best parts of myself._
> For a limited time only, restore in style with a free 17oz Patch water bottle on your first purchase._
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