Patch is a restorative drink mix formulated to support the mental well-being of gamers, creators, and anyone else navigating today's digital worlds._
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Hi, I’m Kitty Plays
  • Gamer & Content Creator
  • Favorite Game: Call of Duty
  • Avg gaming hours/day: 5


  • Calm inflammation
  • Support mental well-being
  • Replenish nutrient deficiencies

> For the times when digital worlds strain our mental and physical well-being, enter Patch—a drink mix formulated to help restore your body’s natural state of balance._

Lemon Ginger
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> How I Unwind After Gaming_
>During long gaming sessions, we become quick to reach for sugary, caffeinated drinks so we can last a few hours more at our screen. And after long hours at the computer, we struggle to engage with our world IRL, unwind, or return to a state of balance. The result? Burnout, mental health issues, and a lack of connection to the world around us._

>The good news is that with the proper nutrient supplements, you can support your mood, maintain mental clarity, and reduce your stress and anxiety._
> For a limited time only, restore in style with a free 17oz Patch water bottle on your first purchase._
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